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Mill Pond Acres

Lewes, Delaware

 Mill Pond Acres, Lewes, Delaware, is a thriving community "down by the beach" near the City of Lewes, Delaware.
Our community is situated northwest of Lewes, Delaware, next to Red Mill Pond and adjacent to Delaware Highway One.
We are approximately half a mile northwest of the Nassau Commons Bridge in Sussex County, Delaware.
To learn more about Lewes, visit the web site for Historic Lewes, Delaware.

Mill Pond Acres is adjacent to Red Mill Pond, one of the largest fresh water lakes in Delaware.
Red Mill Pond is formed by a dam on Old Mill Creek in Sussex County, Delaware, northwest of Lewes, Delaware.
Construction of Red Mill Pond Dam was completed in 1925.  Its normal surface area is 178.5 acres.

Red Mill Pond Dam is of earthen construction, a gravity dam.  The dam's length is 860 feet.

Maximum discharge is 636 cubic feet per second.  Capacity is 1060 acre feet.  Normal storage is 431 acre feet.
[source: www.findlakes.com]

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Mill Pond Acres, Point Drive, Lewes, DE 19958
Mill Pond Acres, Red Mill Drive, Lewes, DE 19958